What Are You The Leader….Saying Behind Your Back?

Are you able to be authentic with your leadership of others?

Authentic leadership goes along way with building vulnerable trust with those around us. However, if you are talking behind your own back, by that I mean talking a story to others and putting aside your authentic voice, what might you be manifesting with your team, your peers, your subordinates? Any guesses?

If we lead from inauthenticity we create a culture of inauthenticity or at best a culture of uncertainty. People often emulate what they see from their leaders.

Do you really want that in your organizational culture? Besides….how do you comfortably live with yourself when you have to work so hard to keep the stories straight?

Our authentic voice shows we are human….people we lead then feel they have someone to relate to. Now of course there are times as a leader when you are unable to show all your cards.

That’s just fine!
You can still be authentic at this moment and state – ‘’ I am not at liberty to say….but as soon as I am able, you will be the first to know’’.


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