Mal Griffin

(Corporate Director)

“Bev is an excellent executive coach. She challenged me to build on my strengths and address my weaknesses by drawing on others. I very much enjoyed working with her and can honestly say that I have grown into a better leader because of our relationship.”

David Padgett, P.Eng.

(Business Area Director)

“Bev is a pleasure to work with and gets results. She puts her clients first, and she has an incredibly deep “toolbox” and knowledge base to draw upon for any situation, personality and need. I frankly can’t imagine a more effective or more enjoyable to work with professional/career coach.”

Tammy Shore, P.Eng.

The Advance Your Leadership course I took with Bev took my outlook of being a professional to another level. It clearly brought to my attention how we appear to others especially in high stress work environments and how best to deal with your own gripped reactions and with others who have similar or very different personality types. Bev has a wealth of knowledge in leadership and coaching and always knows how to make the best out of any career situationand provide advice for the next stage in your professional development.