Power Creates Psychological Distance

“Great power involves great responsibility.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

Everyone wants to feel powerful—that’s human nature, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s why we gun for promotions and seek out advancement. It’s why anyone runs for political office. But once you get that power, it changes the way you think, perceive, and relate—and not always in good ways.

Step Away From The Tech: How Electronics Drive Us To Distraction (Part 2)

It looks impressive. A table full of engineers, all with their laptops open, ready to meet and take notes. It looks impressive, but it’s actually very inefficient.

From Silicon Valley to academia, experts are realizing that allowing people to bring a laptop into a space set aside for some other purpose yields less than desirable results.

Step Away From The Tech: How Electronics Drive Us To Distraction (Part 1)

Like everyone else, you may have your smartphone on the table in front of you during every meeting. There’s an important email you’re waiting to receive, a crucial call you don’t want to miss, or maybe you want to be ready to look something up to add to the discussion. Whatever the reason, you’re multi-tasking. You even give yourself a quiet pat on the back for getting double the work done.

Amazing Women Leaders in Engineering

Of the top tech giants in the U.S.–Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft– none has a percentage of women in leadership roles above 30%. Therefore, if we want to increase the number of women in engineering, then we should focus on those who have made it to the very top, and serve as an inspiration to the next generation. With that in mind, here is an introduction to three truly amazing women who are leaders in engineering.