How Non-Quants Can Still Lead Engineering Teams To The Promised Land

Quants and non-quants lead vastly different lives. Quants value structure, often to the point of rigidity. This is an endless source of frustration for non-quants, who tire of giving specific instructions at every turn and breaking up disagreements among stubborn engineers.

Leading a team of analytic-minded professionals can be shockingly difficult when your personality traits include flexibility and spontaneity. These qualities have value in the workplace, but they must be tempered to meet the specific needs of engineering teams. Detailed below are a few ways you can adapt your personality to fit in better with a team of quants.

Inform Non-Quants of the End Goal

Quants crave structure, so the more you can tell them about a given project, the better. When possible, provide your engineering team with a glimpse of the big picture. Without an idea of the end goal, they may continue to follow orders, even when those orders require fine-tuning.