Opponents at Work….Who Are yours?

As a leader do you think about your relationships  at work strategically? If not, you should. I am not talking about being Machiavellian about such an approach. You should understand who’s who and who you need in your corner,not just in the present, but also in the future. It is pretty much impossible to pull in a ‘’favour”’ when you need credible help with influence or advice if you haven’t invested in relationship. Essentially you cannot withdraw if you have not invested.

Who are those who are readily on your side in support of you?

Who are those individuals that you can depend on some of the time…..your swing voters?

Who are your opponents….those who you consistently struggle with? Ongoing conflict may be apparent …… you may find yourself dreading being in meetings with them….maybe even hoping you don’t have to pass in the hallway.

It takes more energy from you to turn against a relationship than it does to move towards it. In almost all cases (I won’t say 100% of the time as there is always that exception) you can move that relationship forward. I have coached so many people on just this item….believe me you can!! And when you take this on and harvest the results you will find less stress in your work life. You may even find coming into work in the morning far easier……even coming in with a smile on your face.

A question to consider: What do you have to let go to bring about positive change to the state of those opponent relationships?


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