Attention Small & Medium Size Business Leaders: Is Your Lack Of Leadership Knowledge Costing You $4,000, $5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 100,000 Or More Per Month?

You know that something needs to change regarding how you operate in your business and lead the people on your team. Even though you’ve managed to get your company off the ground – and even potentially stay profitable for a while (not a small feat in today’s economy!), or you have a track record of strong business growth over a period of years, you still have a lot of work to do.

All the progress that you have made could implode slowly or even collapse catastrophically. Whether you’re just out of the start up stage, and you only have two or three employees, or you’ve grown your enterprise to a few hundred employees and a $100 plus million a year in revenue, you need to upgrade your recruiting, hiring, management and people development strategies and processes, if you want to bring your company to the next level of profitability. If you want something different, you will need to redesign how you lead and how others in your company lead. It’s easy to overlook the costs of less-than-great leadership and its implications to workforce productivity and effectiveness, because you might not detect the consequences on your balance sheet right away. But leadership issues have an insidious effect on the bottom line; it pays off to pay attention to them and invest in better solutions.

Why do good employees leave?

Here’s the one most common reason: poor leadership.

When your leadership fails to create the systems, environment and culture you need to attract and keep great talent, great talent goes elsewhere. Employee turnover is extremely costly in many ways — some obvious, some not so obvious. For instance, it costs you money, time and resources every time you have to recruit and train and manage a new person.

But constant turnover also disrupts the staff, shatters the positive relationships that form in your office and stalls momentum on key projects. It can take a long time for any new employee – even an A player – to get up to speed and to become a net contributor to your bottom line.

Employees who act in a complacent or destructive fashion can ruin your business, damaging the delicate “relationship ecosystem” among other employees, clients and vendors. When the business struggles to get work done through its people, it can’t deliver on its promise to you and to all your stakeholders. Deadlines suffer, and quality control goes off the rails. Are your employees exhibiting behaviors that are sending your division or company in the wrong direction? What’s your plan to fix things?

Maybe your situation is less dire. Perhaps things have been going well, your personnel challenges notwithstanding. Maybe your sales numbers are strong and your profits are in the black. That’s great! But to sustain growth, you need to constantly be recruiting and thinking about how to motivate and manage your people better. It’s not a coincidence that successful business people are always on the prowl for talent. They understand that their businesses are only as good as their people are. By prioritizing the mission to find and groom great people, they increase their odds of financial success.

So how can you become the kind of leader that you know you can be? How do you become a leader who attracts high performing people? How can you redesign or tune up your company, so that these people perform at their best for years to come?

My name is Bev Benwick. I have years of experience coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs in all sizes of business, to massive leadership success in diverse industries. Every time I am called in to assess a business, I immediately look to the top. I like to say that your company is perfectly designed for the results that you are getting. If you’re struggling with one of the following problems – which are all symptomatic of leadership that’s off course or off kilter in some fashion – I can help you redirect your energy, strategize effectively, and get more profitable ASAP:

  1. Unmotivated, ineffective employees;
  2. Missed deadlines (or nearly missed deadlines);
  3. Fighting among team members;
  4. Negative or “problem” employees;
  5. High employee turnover;
  6. Failure to deal with the same problems occurring again and again in your business;
  7. Poor communication cascading through your business, affecting not just your team but also vendors and clients;
  8. Projects that go over budget, beyond scope or passed deadline;
  9. Sluggish sales;
  10. Silly but costly mistakes that diminish your margins
  11. Low trust in the office.
  12. Internal competitive silos that seemingly hold back progress.
  13. Failure of leaders to confront poor behavior of others.
  14. Failure of managers and leaders to keep an eye on all relevant and measurable inputs and outputs.
  15. Ineffective managers and leaders standing in the way of progress.

How can I help you?

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