Leading a Team of Engineers? See These 5 Must-Watch TED Talks

If you’re looking to motivate and resonate with your team of engineers, TED Talks should be a go-to resource for you. They feature insights from the world’s top engineers and creative minds. Here are five TED Talks that anyone who manages engineers needs to absorb.

Dennis Hong on Robots

Mechanical engineer and roboticist Dennis Hong founded Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RoMeLa), and he demonstrates how several models operate: STriDER walks on three legs and looks like something out of an H.G. Wells novel. IMPASS is a hybrid robot with wheels for legs that adjusts to varying terrain. CLIMBer comes with a winch and cable for cliff climbing for search and rescue operations. After these demonstrations, Hong shares his personal story about where he finds inspiration.

Frederick Balagadde on Microscopic Bio-Labs

Some of the world’s advanced medical communities have long been providing medicine to fight disease in developing countries, but when populations take medication that might not be needed, some diseases become drug-resistant. TED Senior Fellow Frederick Balagadde demonstrates his invention, a bio-lab on a microchip. He encourages engineers to contribute their ideas to adapting current technology to diagnosing a wider range of diseases.

Robert Full on Cockroach Ingenuity

Although it makes most people cringe, the cockroach is one of nature’s marvels. Biologists and engineers often look to nature to copy what works. UC Berkeley biologist Robert Full studies motion in cockroaches, crabs, and geckos to suggest how inventors can use them to develop technology.

Saul Griffith and Wind Energy

In this video, Australian-American inventor Saul Griffith introduces kites as not just toys but tools. The Chinese used them for military applications, and the British used them as sails to race carriages. Griffith demonstrates how they could be adapted to combat the energy crisis and encourages people to seek continual inspiration from the ordinary as they follow their dreams.

Amy Smith on Life-Saving Design

Inventor and engineer Amy Smith develops inexpensive fixes for developing nations. This TED Talk shows one of her favorite projects, low-cost briquettes to burn longer and cleaner than wood charcoal. Her invention saves trees and provides an inexpensive fuel without negative health effects.

Find these Ted Talks to get inspired–no matter your project.

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