Leaders – Prevent Being a Statistic!!

Surveys tell us that 40% – 50 % of externally hired key leaders fail in the first 18 months! Don’t be part of that statistic if you are a leader looking for a new organization to hang your hat in.

What’s the most difficult challenge of making a successful transition?
Well…..if you didn’t have the skills to do the job you wouldn’t have been hired. So….we have to look elsewhere.

Data tells us the struggle to be successful in the new role is the challenge to integrate into the new organizational culture. This of course could be even more complicated if you have had to do a relocate to obtain the position. A physical move will expose you to a geographical culture in the workplace that you are not familiar with.

Agility is key! Be ready to embrace change not react to it! Start relationship building quickly! Letting others see that you are trustworthy goes along way….without relationship, respect of others, and appropriate intention you don’t have the trust of others.


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