How Would Your Leadership Measure Up?

I have a great question I often ask my leadership clients about how they lead others. This is one that deserves a lot of reflection: If you were to think of your employees as volunteers how would that change your leadership?

I can’t take credit for the question, it comes from a book written by Kouzes and Posner. But….I sure remember reading it…and boy…did it sink in! If you are authentic with yourself as you reflect on this… can be a game changer. How would you as a leader have to show up for others to get the work done…if they weren’t getting a paycheck from you or your company? Shouldn’t you always be leading from the place that is so subtly suggested in how this question was phrased?

I invite you to make use of this reflection…..write down your thoughts. What are you going to commit to moving forward so that others you lead are inspired by more than the paycheck?

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