How to Recruit and Retain Millennial’s

Hiring and keeping millennial employees is key to any organization’s continued success. But, as human resources directors are already well aware, millennial’s aren’t necessarily looking for the same qualities in a potential employer, that previous generations found compelling. So what can companies do to find and keep the best millennial talent?

No surprise, compensation is essential. Millennial’s aren’t all that different from other generations in that regard. However, cash isn’t the only determinant. Benefits are right behind pay, in terms of attracting millennial’s. Study after study has also shown that millennial’s are very motivated by quality of life, so other benefits—like vacation days—can be very persuasive.

Engineering enterprises should also capitalize on millennials’ traits that are uniquely well situated to engineering. Consider:

  • Like engineers, millennials are eager to innovate. Their inclination to challenge the status quo can be an asset in problem solving.
  • Unlike previous generations, millennial’s don’t need to be taught to think outside the box. They accept upheaval, since millennial’s have already lived through multiple tectonic shifts in technology.
  • When given support, encouragement and resources, millennial’s bring natural passion to their work, so long as they understand where they fit into the big picture. Look for ways to listen to younger workers, so they’ll feel like their ideas are wanted and appreciated.

To retain good employees, remember that—having grown up in an era of relentless testing and brutally competitive college admissions—millennials are used to striving for high standards, but they also appreciate lots of feedback and positive reinforcement.

Mentorship programs can be an excellent way to build employee loyalty. Also, look for ways to offer training and classes for advanced learning. This will both improve their day-to-day performance and provide them with opportunities to steer their career trajectories.

Young workers today switch jobs more frequently than young workers in previous generations. To keep good, trained workers happy, also look for ways to offer job flexibility.

With a few tweaks to your existing hiring and human resources processes, your organization will be able to find the best millennial’s talent, and keep those employees from straying.

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