Eye Opening Books about Leadership

Whether you just founded a company 8 months ago, or you’re a veteran manager or director at a behemoth Fortune 500 enterprise, you want to up your game and be a more strategic, more beloved and more profitable leader. To that end, read the following books, and learn from and adapt their lessons in your business.

1. Drive – Daniel H. Pink

Pink’s book teaches the secrets of motivation, the driving force behind successful leadership. He recommends encouraging worker autonomy and engagement, as opposed to using ossified systems of reward and punishment to compel certain types of behavior.

2. The War of Art – Steve Pressfield

Leadership requires creativity, and creativity requires courage. Pressfield’s book – a pun on the classic Chinese text, The Art of War – discusses the inner struggle every person faces when trying to create something of value.

3. The Truth about Leadership – James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

The authors of this book analyzed 30 years of research in order to identify the characteristics that define an effective leader.

4. The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company – John Rossman

The author of this book is a former Amazon executive who shares secrets of the company’s success. According to Rossman, ownership and decision making are the key factors driving companies like Amazon.

5. High Output Management – Andy Grove

Andy Grove was the CEO of Intel in the 1970s. In his book, he shares some insight from his time in this position of power, including the five most important tasks every leader should prioritize.

6. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven R. Covey

Covey’s book breaks down a process leaders can use to alter their mindsets and achieve true growth. As suggested by the title, the book covers seven key characteristics that people should strive to develop if they want to be effective in life.

7. Tribes – Seth Godin

Tribes discusses the importance of leadership for any group of people, regardless of size. He encourages leaders to question the status quo, channel their passion and take risks in order to make a difference.

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