Conflict Avoidance In the Workplace…..Is That You?

Does conflict in the workplace  make you want to run and hide? People react differently to conflict….and even what they perceive to be conflict. If a situation makes you feel uncomfortable… are harbouring internal conflict.

Recognize that this may or may not be the case for others in the room. Some leaders are extremely comfortable with difficult situations and function exceedingly well during such times, being able to access rational thoughts and make appropriate decisions.

Others, who are highly impacted by conflict, may feel challenged to maintain objective thought. Often they will see high risk of the situation and will seek to avoid it, thus leaving things unsaid or not dealt with. If the situation calls for immediate decision making, can this leader put aside the anxiety and fear that they are experiencing to make the right or best decision for their department/division or the corporate entity? What do you see happen to the leader who is known to avoid conflict?

As a leader, we must see our way to self-manage in order to be actively involved in making the decisions for the organization. Credibility is at stake if we do not. Poor or lack of decision making will impact the day to day activities of self and other, as well as the overall working culture. Self-managing takes self-awareness….seek to increase this for yourself.  Self-managing and self-awareness take work…be patient, and seek guidance…you can bring about change for yourself.

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