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Leadership Coach Bev Benwick: Bringing Stability, Common Sense, and Ingenuity to Engineering Leadership.

Three decades of business success have prepared Bev Benwick for a truly exciting challenge: developing a new generation of leaders in the engineering profession. Although Bev’s expertise spans a vast array of industries, she’s always had a soft spot for engineers. She believes that engineering — like many industries — while highly focused with transactional results, could greatly benefit from enhancing leadership with a transformational approach with those in key positions. Bev strives to enlighten current and aspiring leaders, applying leadership principles that have proven successful across a broad range of industries to the often complex cultures of engineering organizations.

Bev uses the many lessons she’s learned through her years in competitive equestrian sports, business and academic accomplishments to guide her work with emerging leaders in this industry. Bev has been involved with managers and high level leadership engineers since 2003. She can readily relate with the needs of the industry. Engineers can talk to experts, read books, and engage in every other conceivable source of leadership knowledge, however it is the real time support of a leadership coach that can bring about better and more effective leadership results in often stressed environments and reactive cultures.

Like equestrians, engineers spend years honing their craft, only to find that, once thrown into the workplace, their college lectures and textbooks will only take them so far. Just as a horse’s greatest hope for a successful competition lies in the skill of the equestrian, engineers are at their best when guided by a confident, capable leader who knows how to practically and effectively apply theory to real-world situations.

After years of applying her unique blend of business and athletic experience, Bev noticed a significant gap in the marketplace — the engineering field was in desperate need of well-rounded leaders who could easily navigate both the analytic and people-based sides of a complex industry. Today, she does her part to fill this niche by providing current and aspiring leaders with webinar programs and a variety of other valuable resources. Her work is consistently praised by satisfied clients, who applaud both the convenience of Bev’s programs and her grand vision of a harmonious, productive, and successful workplace.

Don’t let stagnation or reactive behavior take over the work environment — develop the leadership skills needed to support and motivate today’s talented and hardworking people in engineering organizations.