About Bev

Leadership Coach Bev Benwick: Bringing Stability, Common Sense, and Ingenuity to Engineering Leadership.

CEO. Leadership coach. Strategy expert. These are some of the many titles Bev Benwick is proud to hold and with them, she helps her clients find success. Three decades of perfecting her leadership strategy in the business world has prepared Bev for a truly exciting challenge: developing a new generation of leaders in the engineering profession. Although Bev’s expertise spans a vast array of industries, she’s always had a soft spot for engineers. She believes that engineering — like many industries — could greatly benefit from enhancing leadership with a transformational approach with those in key positions. Bev strives to enlighten current and aspiring leaders, applying leadership principles that have proven successful across a broad range of industries to the often complex cultures of engineering organizations. Bev holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University. She also received training and certification from the International Coach Federation, The Coaches Training Institute, Cockerham Coaching Group, Corporate Coach U, and Marshall Goldsmith School of Management. Bev was also the CEO, Master Executive Coach, and Confidante of R.W. Benwick Associates Ltd. for 18 years. During this time, she had been involved with managers and high-level leadership engineers. She can readily relate with the needs of the industry. After years of applying her unique blend of business and experience, Bev noticed a significant gap in the marketplace — the engineering field was in desperate need of well-rounded leaders who could easily navigate both the analytic and people-based sides of a complex industry. Today, she does her part to fill this niche by providing current and aspiring leaders with a variety of valuable resources and insights. Her work is consistently praised by satisfied clients, who applaud both the convenience of Bev’s programs and her grand vision of a harmonious, productive, and successful workplace. Don’t let stagnation or reactive behavior take over the work environment — develop the leadership skills needed to support and motivate today’s talented and hardworking people in engineering organizations.