6 Unavoidable Leadership Trends in 2016

6 Unavoidable Leadership Trends in 2016

With the New Year in full swing, we’ve had enough time to glean the outlines of new trends in leadership and management. In 2016, leaders will:

1. React to the influx of Millennials.

According to Forbes, “millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce.” As such, they will have more influence over the culture of the workplace than any other group. Forbes recommends the following best practices for how Boomers and Gen Exers can “play nice” with the new kids: “1. Be prepared to provide constant coaching and feedback. Millennials have spent a lifetime getting regular, near-instantaneous feedback… 2. Appreciate that Millennials see work as a means to an end — but not the end…. 3. Be a Millennial mentor…. 4. Illustrate the power of spending more time with people than with electronic devices. Millennials are technologically savvy — and proud of it.”

2. Provide more transparency.

Employees, vendors and customers alike these days are accustomed to having whatever information they want at their fingertips. Be open and honest. Leaders need to adjust their management styles and move away from sugar-coating or secrecy in favor of more direct approaches.

3. Use technology to find the best employees.

According to CEO Sheeroy Desai, 2016 leaders will use innovative recruiting technologies to find and acquire top talent for their companies. Desai predicts that this strategy will be used to recruit both in-house employees and telecommuters.

4. Improve the working environment.

Today’s best leaders recognize that employees are at their most productive when they are working in a comfortable environment. HR expert Suzanne Lucas predicts that leaders in 2016 will welcome remote work, encourage respectful collaboration and move away from micro-management.

5. Focus on employee engagement.

Forbes reports that nearly 90 percent of companies consider the workplace culture and the level of employee engagement to be top priorities. Unfortunately, Forbes also reports that as many as 7 out of 10 employees in the workplace are disengaged. Thus, leaders in 2016 will likely be obsessing over how to find new ways to connect with employees.

6. Celebrate diversity.

HR expert Josh Bersin believes that 2016 will be “the year of diversity in business.” Successful leaders will celebrate diversity and encourage a culture of inclusion. According to Bersin, “Companies that build a truly inclusive culture are those that will outperform their peers.”

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