5 Huge Differences Between Leaders and Managers – (Part 2 of 2)

In our last post, we began to explore the fascinating distinctions between being a “leader” and being a “manager.” Today we are going to continue the conversation and then look at 2 more critical distinctions.

4. Managers use authority to get what they want; leaders, on the other hand, use charisma.

It’s easy to use the powers of the office to compel results from people. After all, no one wants to get fired, and forceful methods like money and praise can be powerful short-term motivators.

Charisma, though, is for those who play the long game.

It’s a subtler but ultimately more powerful art in terms of enlisting motivation, support and passion. Charisma means going beyond the numbers and widgets of the business and appealing to people’s dreams and aspirations for themselves and for the world.

5. Managers see themselves as functionaries of an institution over which they have only limited control; leaders see themselves as fonts of independence, even when they cannot control everything.

Whether you consider yourself a leader or manager, you will come into battle with only limited resources, limited people, limited money and limited time. It’s simply an imperfect world. But the way you perceive those limits – and the way such constraints motivate your actions – can be dramatically different.

For instance, a manager might look at a quarterly sales goal and worry about what will happen if the team doesn’t achieve that number. This philosophy of governing comes from a scarcity mentality.

A leader, on the other hand, might see the sales goal as a challenge – a test of her passion to coordinate her people. She also might be more inclined to see that sales number in a grander perspective – as a stepping stone in a larger mission to improve the companies results and contribute to its grander vision of truly making a difference within its targeted arena.

Such subtle changes in outlook percolate down and have big ramifications for the happiness, wellbeing, and internal motivation of team members.

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