Dealing with a Coup Attempt on Your Engineering Team

Being the boss is hard.

Being the boss when someone on your team is trying to undermine you can be paralyzing. If you don’t fix the situation –and fast!– you might not be the boss much longer.

First, don’t even think of confronting the insubordinate subordinate until you have a clear-eyed understanding of the power balance. Instead, you need to know what you’re up against. Why is this team member attempting a coup? Which of you has the better relationship and reputation with senior management? Has the insurgent recruited other engineers to his side?

Lessons from NASA: Working Effectively Despite Slashed Budgets

From the Apollo moon landing to the planned mission to Mars, NASA is a standout when it comes to innovative leadership. The space agency has been successful in most of its endeavors despite frequent and sometimes bone-deep cuts to their operating budgets. So why not take the lead from NASA when your own engineering department is looking at substantial cutbacks?

Getting The Most From An Understaffed Engineering Team

(Without Driving Everyone Nuts)

Every business goes through periods when the workload increases significantly without a commensurate increase in staffing. Your role as leader is to keep your team members motivated and on task while providing them with outlets so that they don’t lose their perspective (and their sanity) under the pressure.